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Maarten Robbers vraagt subsidie aan.

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The subsidiy check helps you find out whether your innovative company is eligible for a subsidy. Discover it quickly!

Application process

You have to fulfil several requirements after you've been granted WBSO, in order to retain your right on the subsidy. You have to maintain both a project documentation and an hours administration to prove you conduct activities as written in your WBSO application.

Ugoo helps

It can sometimes be difficult to understand what requirements your application needs to fulfil. The RVO has different demands for different subsidies and the jargon can contribute to losing sight of the how and what of WBSO.

We like to help out and make the subject matter more comprehensible. You can find the roadmap for a WBSO trajectory in collaboration with us below.


I already had a passion for technology and innovation before I started at Ugoo. In more than 10 years time I have become an IT and WBSO expert. I love to help entrepeneurs with realising successful projects in a short time, so they have the time and means to develop a great product. Furthermore, I am the gaming expert at Ugoo. When you're making a cool videogame and in need of subsidy, you're at the right address with me!

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How do we help you?

A WBSO process with us consists of five steps. We take as much work off your hands as possible. Our consultants remain involved from start to finish, so that you can focus on doing business.

Determination of the potential

First, we determine the potential together. To create support among those involved, we start with a clear explanation of which activities are eligible and which are not. We then make a framework of the R&D project and the number of hours spent on this project. This enables us to estimate the final subsidy amount.

Subsidy application

Based on a technical interview, we write the entire project and take care of all other work.

In addition, we investigate and match other subsidy opportunities. For example, with a WBSO approval you also qualify for the Innovation box.

Setting up the administration

During the WBSO process, you keep time records and project records. In the case of software development, you also keep track of the produced code in a version control system.

There is no "one size fits all" approach for WBSO. That is why we help with the organization of the administration and the integration with the existing business operations. This is how we make it as easy as possible.

Workshops and trainings

After we have written the subsidy application and set up ther administration, we offer periodic support, such as workshops and training courses. For example, we provide administration workshops, in which developers are taught how to keep track of their activities. We also helpt out with letters of inquiry and rejected applications. This way everyone knows when to do what.

Retaining subsidy

Ultimately, the entire project administration must meet the requirements of the RVO in order to retain your right to subsidy. That is why we remain involved during the entire project, so that all compliance conditions are met. We do periodic check-ups, hold follow-up meetings, make adjustments where necessary and form a source of information for advice. This way we get the most out of the process together!

Want to learn more?

Do you want to learn more about WBSO, our workshops, trainings, compliance or work with us? Or do you want to apply for WBSO subsidy? Get in touch!