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Software is becoming more complex. The amount of criminal hackers grows and automatic tools for safe software development just aren't good enough. The startup company Codean from Utrecht develops an innovative solution for analysis of vulnerabilities within code. Through this, they help to make the digital world a safer place.
Afbeelding met mensen, poseren, staand, Utrecht.

Ethical hacking

Human security experts are essential because fully automatic software security tools report a lot of false positive. Secondly, they oftentimes miss important vulnerabilities. Codean's self developed review environment helps security analysts to make code more efficient and consistent. They do this by mapping vulnerable paths in the source code in an automatic and uncluttered fashion. This allows security analysts to more easily determine whether a path is truly vulnerable, in order to define important points of improvement.

We would have never obtained this obtained this subsidy without Ugoo!
Arthur Tolsma, CEO of Codean

Review environment

Codean received a subsidy of €400.000 through the REACT-program to further develop their review environment. Logically, CEO Arthur Tolsma is happy with this contribution:

"Our earlier investment of €1 million gave us the opportunity to hire excellent people, allowing us to grow from 4 colleagues to 11. Our review environment already helps security experts to work faster. However, it can be and has to be even faster because criminal hackers keep working smarter and smarter. This requires complex technology. This subsidy therefore is extremely important."

Codean heeft €400.000 subsidie ontvangen vanuit het REACT-programma om haar review environment door te ontwikkelen. CEO Arthur Tolsma is logischerwijs blij met deze bijdrage:

Collaboration Codean and Ugoo

As an innovative startup with a large societal contribution, Codean is eligible for a variety of subsidies. Ugoo informed Codean about the different subsidy opportunities. Subsequently, we took the lead in the application process, wrote most of the project plan and helped with the administration. Satisfactorily, as Arthur Tolsma points out: "we would have never obtained this obtained this subsidy without Ugoo!"

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Freedom, entrepeneurship and successes grant me energy. As a manager I'm responsible for growing our customer portfolio. I believe we primarily grow by keeping the quality of our services high. I get the most energy from inventorizing and concretizing subsidy opportunities together with new customers.

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