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Conmeq produces electrically powered construction equipment. Their passion for innovation led to the development of a new series of electrically powered mini loader: the Conmeq AS15. It has been ergonomically designed, it's utilisation is intuitive and it has proven reliable results in the required conditions.
Afbeelding van Conmeq laadwagen, decoratief.


Conmeq experiences that the market demand for emission-free machinery keeps increasing. This is strengthened by the Climate Agreement and the necessity to make the construction industry more sustainable. The CO2 and nitrogen emissions by mobile equipment has to be reduced. That's why COnmeq stareted developing theit X-series: an electronic in-wheel powered loader. The X-series fits even better with the field of application of her its customers, with regards to steering, design, safety, lighting, user friendliness and maintenance.

Ugoo always works hard for us to achieve the maximum subsidy potential!
Boris Koot, CEO Conmeq

DEI+ subsidy

The DEI+ supports demonstration and pilot projects that contribute to the climate goals. Product development, which leads to fewer CO2 emissions in the industrial sector and construction industry, fits in seamlessly with this subsidy. Conmeq's development project received a subsidy amount of €678.294, because the X-series leads to a demonstrable reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to conventional diesel wheel loaders. The subsidy allows Conmeq to invest in the risky pilot phase. This way they can convince the market, the end user and themselves of a feasible technologically innovative product, with an excellent business case.

Collaboration with Ugoo

As an innovative company with a large societal impact, Conmeq is eligible for many subsidies. Ugoo made Conmeq aware of the DEI+ susbidy. Next, we took the lead in the application process, wrote the project plan and helped with the administration. Furthermore, we help Conmew with WBSO and Innovatiebox. We also help buyers of the AS15 and X-series to apply for the SSEB Aanschaf and MIA subsidies. To the satisfaction of Conmeq, as Boris Koot states: "Ugoo always works hard for us to achieve the maximum subsidy potential!".

Conmeq logo.

Foto van Pieter Verhaegh.


My writing skills and background in business econimics allow me to write a logical and readable project plan. Paired with your drive for innovation, this will lead to a successful DEI+ application.

Let's make a sustainable success story together!

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