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WBSO check

Are you developing an innovative technology, production processes or new software? If so, you might be eligible for a WBSO subsidy. Fill in the questionnaire and find out within a minute!


The WBSO subsidy stimulates innovation by offering a fiscal discount on labor costs for research and development activities. You're eligible for WBSO when your business investigates or develops new technical products, processes or software.


The Dutch government helps companies take their (technological) innovations to the next level through WBSO. About 20.000 businesses are helped with conducting technical innovative activities, on an annual basis. It's a generic grant for the most innovative companies, ranging from software developers to farmaceutical companies and from food development to heavy machinery.


A broad interest in innovation and finance helps me serve a varying portfolio of innovative clients, such as IT-development and physical product development for both startups and SMEs. This allows me to constantly increase my technical and fiscal knowledge and help businesses with their technical innovation projects.

At Ugoo I am the specialist in IT-development, WBSO, WBSO administration, Innovatiebox and innovation grants.

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Everything about WBSO

The most important questions about WBSO are answered here.

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What is WBSO subsidy?

The WBSO is a tax scheme for renewal and stimulation of technical innovation. It's a reduction of the payroll taxes for your research and development activities.

Technical innovation consists of research and development of new technological products, production processes or software.

Am I eligible for WBSO?

The WBSO subsidy is for companies that pay wage tax and for independent entrepreneurs. You are eligible if you develop something within your own company that is technically new. Your developments should involve a certain risk and/or research component. The WBSO does not have retroactive effect. The subsidy can only be applied for for work in the future.

What do I need to do for WBSO?

Let us write your WBSO application. Thanks to our broad technical knowledge, we can clearly describe the project and the technical challenges you face, so that the allotment is almost a given.

After allocation you must keep a project and time administration. In the case of software development, you also keep track of the produced code in a version control system. It must be clear from the administration how many hours per R&D employee per day are spent on R&D activities. If this is not done properly, an audit can take place and you run the risk of a refund or a fine.

What will I gain from WBSO?

You will have 32% of the first €350.000 and 16% of the remaining payroll costs reimbursed. This allows you to invest more in innovation. Are you a techno starter? Then 40% of the first €350.000 will be reimbursed. This will save you approximately €22.400 per FTE.

What activities are covered by WBSO?

Technological scientific research and technological development. All activities which are spent on solving technical challenges of your innovative project are covered by WBSO.

Routine development activities and copying, imitating or reverse engineering existing techologies aren't covered by WBSO.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about WBSO, whether you're eligible or do you want advice? Do our WBSO check or get in touch!

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5 tips for WBSO administration

If you use the WBSO and have received an R&D statement, your company must meet a number of administrative obligations. In this blog you can read which obligations these are and you will receive 5 tips for handling the WBSO administration as well as possible. This way you are assured that you won't be unpleasantly surprised.

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