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Pieter Verhaegh, specialist in kredieten, leningen, innovatie en duurzaamheid.

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Innovatiekrediet (innovation credit) is a risk-bearing financing instrument which supports SMEs with the development of promising innovations that have an excellent market perspective. This credit allows businesses without the necessary means to fund themselves to turn a prototype into a fully developed and finished product.

Why Innovatiekrediet?

The innovation credit has a broad application. It aims to help businesses that offer technological innovation, and especially those that offer a strong and unique positive business perspective to the own company and the Dutch economy.

This is Pieter, innovation specialist!

I work as a consultant in innovation and sustainability in Eindhoven. My background in business economics and affinity with technology allow me to understand innovative business cases and realize the required funding for my clients through fiscal instruments, subsidies and innovation loans.

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Everything about Innovatie­krediet

The most important questions about the innovation credit are answered here.

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What is Innovatiekrediet?

The innovation credit is a loan for the purpose of developing unique innovations. The government offers this credit to strengthen the innovative capabilities of the Netherlands. Furthermore, it boosts innovative products which are in the "valley of death".

Am I eligible for Innovatiekrediet?

The innovation credit focuses both on technical development projects and clinical development projects. You're eligible if your project meets the following demands:

  • Development of technologically innovative and challenging new products, processes or services.

  • Great market advantage with excellent prospects.

  • Positive contribution to the Dutch economy.

  • Proof of principle has been proven.

  • The project costs are at least €150.000.

  • Your product, process or service can go to market withing 5 years.

What must I do for Innovatiekrediet?

You execute a project which is situated between proven technical feasibility and market introduction.

What do I gain through Innovatiekrediet?

The credit percentage can increase up to 45% of development costs, depending on the size of your company. A wide array of costs are eligible, such as labour costs, material costs, write-offs, outsourcing costs, traveling costs and patent costs. The credit is paid in advance, and the first payment takes place during the preparations for the prototype.

How do we help you?

We offer a quickscan which shows the chance of success for the innovation credit within a week's time! Is the chance of success high? Then we'll inventorize your project, investigate further funding opportunites and write your application.

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