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Jetze Bergsma en Joost Jansma - Consultants Duurzaamheid.

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Do you want to develop sustainable products? The DEI+ subsidy provides funding for innovative pilot and demonstration projects. The subsidy focuses on reduction of CO2 emissions and development of sustainable energy sources. You can apply from March 15th, 2023 until August 31st, 2023.

Why DEI+?

DEI+ stands for "Demonstration energy and climate innovation". New concepts which have already been devloped and tested can receive funding through this subsidy. These types of projects oftentimes are hard to fund due to the technical and financial risks involved with the feasibility of the project. The DEI+ is the solution for such projects.


The DEI+ subsidy fits me like a glove. It subsidizes innovative technologies which reduce CO2 emissions. Companies must be able to not only develop a sustainable technology, but also present an excellent and convincing business case in order to qualify for DEI+.

My writing skills and business background allow me to write logical and legible project plans. Paired with your drive for innovation, this will lead to a succesful DEI+ application.

Let's create a sustainable success story together!

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Everything about DEI+

The most imortant questions about DEI+ are answered here.

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What is the DEI+ subsidy?

DEI+ is a subsidy for projects which develop new CO2 emission reducing technologies. The goal is to help realise the 2030 European goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49% as compared to 1990. The DEI+ covers pilot projects and demonstration projects.

Am I eligible for DEI+ subsidy?

The DEI+ is for SMEs and corporates who carry out a project on their own account. Colabborations are also eligible when they contain at least one company.

What must I do for DEI+?

Conduct a demonstration project, preliminary study, industrial research or experimental development within one of the themes below.

What do I gain through DEI+?

DEI+ covers the costs of a demonstration project, preliminary study, industrial research and experimental development. The subsidy reimburses between 25% and 100% of the eligible costs. The maximum remuneration is €15 million, depening on the theme. The subsidy amount depends on the scope of the project and the size of the applying company.

What themes qualify for DEI+ subsidy?

The following themes have budget in 2022:

Theme Remark
Natural gas-free housers This theme has an additional budget of €9 million.
Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage
Circulair Economy Only for projects which apply for subsidy worth more than € 3 million.
Renewable energy and spatial integration
Flexibilizing energy systems, including hydrogen Pilot projects only.
Local infrastructure
Other industrial or electrical CO2-reducing solutions

How do we help you?

Our expertise in sustainability and technology allows us to understand and translate your sustainable innovations into a successful application. We take the application process out of your hands and write an excellent business case to present to the government. This way you can keep your focus on developing your project.

Want to learn more?

Do you wish to find out whether your sustainable project is eligible for DEI+? Or do you need help with your application? We'd love to help out. Contact us through one of the buttons below!

Afbeelding van Conmeq laadwagen, decoratief.


Conmeq has received a sum of €678,294 through the DEI+ subsidy. Their X-series, an electronic in-wheel driven wheel loader, leads to demonstrable CO2 emission reductions compared to conventional diesel wheel loaders. With this subsidy, Conmeq has been able to invest in the high-risk pilot phase.