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Pieter Verhaegh, specialist in kredieten, leningen, innovatie en duurzaamheid.

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The Vroegefasefinanciering (VFF) is a loan which finances the crucial phase from an idea to the start of product development. This phase is called the early phase or renewal phase.

Why VFF?

The Vroegefasefinanciering is provided to startups and SMEs in order for them to develop an innovative idea to a proof of concept.


I work as a consultant in innovation and sustainability in Eindhoven. My background in business economics and affinity with technology allow me to understand innovative business cases and realize the required funding for my clients through fiscal instruments, subsidies and innovation loans.

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Everything about VFF

The most important questions about VFF are answered here.

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What is Vroegefasefinanciering?

The VFF (Early Phase Financing) is a loan that helps innovative starters and SMEs discover whether their project can succeed in the market. The VFF can bring your idea from a plan to the starting phase.

Am I eligible for Vroegefasefinanciering?

VFF is aimed at three groups:

  • Academic innovative startups. The economic activites arise from research at a graduate school, university or academic hospital.

  • Innovative startups less than 5 years old.

  • SMEs.

What must I do for VFF?

Your company should be in the early phase: from idea to proof of concept. In this phase you conduct activities such as creating commercial ideas, researching a suitable market and the development of required licenses.

Furthermore, your future investor, who will finance your project after the VFF, needs to sign a declaration of intent.

What do I gain through VFF?

The budget for SMEs and startups is €6 million in 2022. The interest rate is 4,55%. The amount of the loan depends on the size of the company. Medium businesses usually get 35% of their required budget, whereas startups can get 100% of the required funds. The loan varies from a minimum of €50.000 to a maximum of €350.000.

How do we help you?

We offer a quick scan which finds within a week what the chances of success for the VFF are. Are chances high? Then we will inventorize your project, investigate further funding opportunities and write your application.

Want to learn more?

Do you have a project which might be eligible for VFF? Do you need advice or help with your application? Get in touch!