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Bird Control Group provides sustainable, innovative and safe technological solutions for prevention of conflicts between birds and man.
Afbeelding met innovatief product, laser, vogels verjagen.


Bird Control Group developed the perfect laser beam for scaring away birds, specifically in the agricultural sector, on industrial sites, buildings and solar panel parks. Birds interpret the laser beam as a physical danger and fly away. Contrary to the conventional (animal unfriendly) methods for chasing away birds, they do not get used to the laser. This results in an exceptional performance in the field of repelling birds. Generally, the reduction in avian nuisance is more than 70%. Highly effective, but in an environmentally and animal friendly manner.

"I happily lean on the expertise of Ugoo, we have a 100% success rate for a reason!"
Pim Tammes, CTO Bird Control Group

MIT R&D Collaboration project

Bird Control Group and Merapar Technologies have received about €175.000 as development partners, through the MIT R&D Collaboration subsidy program. This allowed them to contribute to the growing, sustainable and innovative economy in South-Holland. CTO Pim Tammes explaines what this contribution made possible:

"We wanted to take our product to a higher level. We wanted to connect the system to the internet with AVIX Connected, to make for example installation, software updates but also bird detection run through the Cloud. This allows for intelligent system control and automated monitoring. Thanks to the MIT subsidy, we were able to accelerate the development with a project partner and did not need to compromise on our innovative ambitions."

Collaboration Bird Control Group and Ugoo

Ugoo has been Bird Control Group's strategic partner in subsidy acquisition since 2014. It's a continuous dialogue to discover the innovation plans and which subsidies might apply. This collaboration has led to an annual WBSO approval, multiple MIT projects (Feasibility and Collaboration) a European H2020 and two demonstration projects (DHI) in South America. Furthermore, their laser technology is on the MIA list of environmentally friendly technologies. CTO Pim Tammes adds: "I happily lean on the expertise of Ugoo, we have a 100% success rate for a reason!"

Bird Control Group logo.

Foto van Maarten van Hoorn.


During my 10 years at Ugoo I've become very experienced with many different subsidies and built a valuable relationship with my customers. I like to take full control in every trajectory, so my customers can lean on my expertise.

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