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Praktijkleren is a financial compensation for the supervisional costs which an employer makes during the creation of practical learning environments.

Why Praktijkleren?

The Praktijkleren subsidy allows students that follow a professional education to gain more practical experience. This makes students better prepared for the job market, which improves the quality of starters.


I have a lot of experience with education subsidies. How nice is it when all employees have a chance at continuously developing themselves? Only then will innovation be supported from its core. Ugoo and I will gladly help you to discover the possibilities to stimulate your employees to keep developing themselves.

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Everything about Praktijkleren

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What is Praktijkleren?

Praktijkleren is a financial compensation for the supervisional costs which an employer makes when creating practical learning environments.

Am I eligible for Praktijkleren?

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science provides the subsidy anually. You're eligible when you create practical learning environments as an employer.

What must I do for Praktijkleren?

Offer a practical learning environment for one of the categories below:

  • Pre-vocational secondary education

  • Senior secondary vocational education

  • Graduate school, aimed at a dual or partial education in technology, agriculture or nature studies

  • PhD students

  • Technological Designers in Training

  • Secondary special education

  • Practical training place

  • Entry level education in pre-vocational secondary education

The subsidy does not have a first-come first-serve policy. However, it is advised to apply as soon as possible after the coaching trajectory ends.

What do I gain through Praktijkleren?

The available budget is distributed evenly for every application within each category. The maxim subsidy amount is €2.700 per realised practical workplace.

How do we help you?

We check annually whether practical training places have been awarded. We'll notify you when the subsidy opens again, and we'll take the application process out of your hands.

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about Praktijkleren, do you need advice or want to apply for the subsidy?