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MIT R&D-collaboration

The MIT-collaboration arrangement aims to stimulate innovation by SMEs by granting subsidies. Eligible projects adhere to the Knowledge and Innovatenion Agendas (KIAs) of the Top Sector policy.

Why MIT R&D collaboration?

SME entrepeneurs can get subsidy for their R&D projects through MIT. Collaborative innovation projects become more affordable this way.


I have a background in Medical Engineering, with a focus on technology. From there I also gained experience with programming. Based on this experience, I like to think along about the complex programming-technical issues that my customers deal with. I then use my expertise by making the required translation to the subsidy provider in order to increase the chance of success. In this way I hope to be able to contribute to the most innovative developments in the Netherlands!

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Everything about MIT R&D Collaboration

The most important questions about MIT R&D collaboration are answered here.

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What is the MIT R&D Collaboration?

The MIT R&D Collaboration is a subsidy for collaborative research and development projects in which products, production processes or services are renewed.

Am I eligible for the MIT R&D Collaboration subsidy?

You are eligible when you conduct industrial research or experimental development together with at least one other Dutch SME. The collaboration has to be well-balanced with regards to sharing costs, unique knowledge and expertise between partners. The ratio between collaborative parties should at least be 30/70.

What must I do for the MIT R&D Collaboration subsidy?

Your project must adhere to the KIAs and start within 6 months after submitting your application. The maximum project duration is 2 years. Your project should fit within one of the following themes:

  • Energy transition and sustainabilty

  • Agriculture, food and water

  • Healthcare

  • Safety

  • Key technologies

What do I gain through the MIT R&D Collaboration subsidy?

The subsidy reimburses 35% of the costs up to a maximum of€350.000,00.

  • The minimum subsidy amount for small projects is €50.000 and the maximum is €200.000. The minimum sum per particiant is €25.000 and the maximum is €100.000.

  • For large projects the minimum subsidy amount is €200.000 and the maximum is €350.000. The minimum sum per particpant is €25.000 and the maximum is €175.000.

How do we help you?

Our expertise in the field of sustainability, technology and the MIT subsidy allows us to optimally understand innovations and translate these into a successful application. We take the application process out of your hands and write an excellent business case for the RVO. Meanwhile, you can focus on innovating.

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