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Betty Blocks develops a no-code platform: a tool through which people can build software applications without the need for programming knowledge. With this, Betty Blocks provides the solution for the scarcity of software developers in the current job market and is therefore more relevant than ever.
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The era of the "Citizen Developer" with Betty Blocks

Betty Blocks platform

The Betty Blocks platform is a no-code tool which guarantees the building of applications within 4 weeks, without the need for writing code. This is possible due to the visual interface in which users can build their own application through the use of blocks (functions) and lines (the communication in between). Betty Blocks' product allows customers to develop business applications ten times as quickly, which results in a large cost reduction.

Betty Block's innovation wasn't built in one day. From an early age on, CEO Chris Obdam has been programming and doing business, together with his brother Tim Obdam. During ther past 7 years, the team grew from 35 members to almost 250 employees. SInce then, they have been servicing customers from their self-designed headquarters in Alkmaar and their office in Arizona.

No code software

Ugoo has successfully been supporting Betty Blocks with the acquisition of the WBSO subsidy since 2010. Just in the past year, Ugoo acquired more than €600.000 in subsidy for Betty Blocks. These subsidy approvals provide Betty Blocks with the opportunity to heavily invest in their R&D, in order to further improve their platform. This way, Ugoo and the WBSO have largely contributed to a platform through which the common man, the so called "Citizen Developer", can build software applications without programming knowledge.

"Ugoo's trained IT specialists offer us the optimal support and know how to properly express our complex R&D developments."
Chris Obdam, CEO Betty Blocks

Collaboration Betty Blocks & Ugoo

You get to know each other very well during twelve years of collaboration. Ugoo can offer the optimal support because of this. Ugoo's internally trained IT specialists speak with Betty Block's developers multiple times a year, to maintain a good understanding of the underlying technology and so the developers can speak in their own jargon with peace of mind. All elligible complex R&D developments are continuously monitored and documented by Ugoo. But Ugoo doesn't stop there: aside from WBSO, Ugoo looks at other subsidies. For example, Ugoo successfully applied for the SLIM subsidy, to acquire funds for the Betty Blocks' Academy.

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