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Roan Lagemaat praat over WBSO.

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Received a letter of inquiry?

Did you receive a letter of inquiry in response to your WBSO application? Or was your application declined? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We have vast experience with handling questions and objections and can still achieve a positive decision. Read along to learn how.

Why a letter of inquiry?

A WBSO application is judged by an RVO advisor. It's possible the advisor find the application unclear and wishes more elaborate information. If this is the case, you'll receive a letter with additional questions about your WBSO application.


As a senior consultant, I specialize in collecting subsidies (especially WBSO) for software development. I do this for some of the largest fintech and EV mobility companies in the Netherlands. My role in this is to identify and record the common threads of the many R&D projects.

In addition, I am also involved in change processes to streamline the subsidy strategy. Consider, for example, M&A strategies with regard to WBSO and Innovation Box processes, or the transition to a listed organization.

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What to do in case of a WBSO letter of inquiry?

Because of our years worth of experience in handling letters of inquiry and appeals, we know exactly what technological knowledge is required to still make your application succeed. To do this, we analyse the WBSO application and letter of inquiry (and rejection, if applicable) and give free advice about the possibilities and opportunities. Afterwards, we decide together if and how we will arrange the follow-up process.

Our roadmap with WBSO letters of inquiry and rejections

Are we not yet acquainted? Then we'll first plan a (digital) introduction meeting. We'll assess the current application and letter of inquiry. We'll advise you on the chance of success and possibilities for improvement based on this meeting.

Technical consultation

Next, we'll plan a technical consultation. A Ugoo consultant will speak with your R&D employees, such as programmers or engineers. During this meeting we'll discuss the technological developments within the projects, to get a detailed perspectie of the innovativeness. We'll compare this to the submitted WBSO application.

Response letter or appeal

We'll compose a response letter or appeal based on the technical consultation. In this letter we respond to the additional questions of the RVO. We'll of course discuss the contents of the letter with you first, and ask for your approval.


Lastly, we'll submit the response letter or appeal to the subsidy provider. Tot slot dienen wij de antwoordbrief of het bezwaar voor je in bij de subsidieverstrekker. We'll unburden you by taking all of the communication with them out of your hands.

Want to learn more?

We'll get in touch within one day after you've filled in our contact form. We'll discuss the possibilities to still get your WBSO application approved. Alternatively, you can call us directly.