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Our method

We work on a no cure no pay basis, so working with Ugoo is without financial risks. Moreover, you can be assured that we do everything for a maximum result.

Afbeelding van muismat met Ugoo logo en hand van vrouwelijke WBSO consultant.

Step-by-step method

Step 1: Free subsidy scan

At the first (telephone) meeting, we carry out a subsidy scan free of charge and without obligation, during which we examine the main activities and investments. The scan reveals subsidy possibilities. We will go through these with you, including the associated administrative obligations. Do you want to make use of the relevant subsidy scheme? Then we prepare the entire application.

Step 2: Follow-up appointment

We visit your location or schedule a Teams meeting to further develop the options discussed. During this interview, we collect information that is important for the chosen subsidy processes.

Step 3: Applying for a subsidy

After we have collected all the information, we will start writing the application. After substantive approval of the application, we submit it to the subsidy provider. Only when the subsidy is promised (on paper, by decision) do we charge our success fee.

Step 4: Receive & account for subsidy

We handle all correspondence with the subsidy provider, assist in setting up administrations and provide substantive support for objection procedures and periodic checks. This is how we ensure maximum results and full compliance.

They take almost all the work off our hands, and they're behind us when another deadline comes up. We don't have to remember anything and hardly think about anything, and that's fantastic. We want to do business, not lose sleep over subsidy deadlines.

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