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Hannah Kistemaker schrijft innovatie en duurzaamheidssubsidies.

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The HER+ subsidizes innovative projects that consist of (a combination of) industrial research, experimental development or energy demonstration projects. The ruling currently is closed.

Why HER+?

HER+ translates as "Renewable Energy Transition" and subsidizes projects that reduce CO2 emissions. The innovation must lead to savings which are larger than the requested subsidy amount.


With my background in Medical Engineering and experience in programming, I specialize in grants aimed at technological innovation. In addition to innovation, I have specialized in all subsidies related to sustainability. Consider, for example, the most innovative developments in the field of circularity, but also simpler interventions such as installing LED lighting. In addition to the substantive knowledge I have gained, I am highly involved in process management and process improvement when it comes to all subsidy schemes in the context of innovation, sustainability, HR and credit.

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Everything about HER+

The most important questions about HER+ are answered here.

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What is HER+?

HER+ is a subsidy for innovative projects which cost effectively contribute to the goal of 49% fewer greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, compared to 1990.

Am I eligible for HER+?

The HER+ is meant for collaborations that consist of at least one business. Other involved parties can for example be a research institution, knowledge institution or governmental agency.

The project should be in the pilot phase or demonstration phase. You are eligible when you make use of a technology which has already been developed and demonstrated in a realistic environment.

What must I do for HER+?

Your projects adheres to one of the following qualities:

  1. Making CO₂ reduction more affordable through the use of SDE++ techniques.

  2. Making the production of wind energy more affordable

  3. Combining generation and storage of renewable energy

  4. Combining the generation and smart regulation of renewable energy on a decentralised level

  5. Renewable energy options which aren't included in the SDE++ and possibly lead to additional production through innovation. These are solar heat, small (<15 kWp) solar power installation systems, shallow soil energy (<500m) and outdoor heat. The latter two make use of heat pumps.

What do I gain through HER+?

HER+ reimburses between 25% and 80% of eligible costs, up to a maximum amount of €6 million. The subsidy amount will depend on nature of the project, size, phase and the size of the applying business.

How do we help you?

We analyse your project, investigate and match further funding opportunities and write the application. Our expertise in the field of sustainable and technological innovations and the HER+ subsidy allows us to translate the most complex projects into a successful application. We take care of the subsidy, so you can focus on innovating.

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