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Hannah Kistemaker schrijft innovatie en duurzaamheidssubsidies.

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MIA and Vamil

The MIA (Environmental Investment Deduction) and the Vamil (Arbitrary Depreciation of Environmental Investments) offer a fiscal benefit for entrepeneurs who invest in environmentally friendly technologies.

Why MIA and Vamil?

The MIA and Vamil make investing in environmentally friendly assets more economical. Also, developers of such technologies can get their own products listed on the "Milieulijst" which reduces the investment threshold for potential customers. The result is a more competitive product.


As a manager and consultant, I feel like a fish in water at our headquarters in Amsterdam. I apply my vast knowledge of technology, subsidies and taxation on a daily basis, to provide our clients with the financial means to innovate and grow their business. Helping our highly educated team members achieve success and stimulating them to get the most out of themselves is the icing on the cake for me. A passion for innovation, maximised results and a natural desire for efficiency are characteristics which describe me best.

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Everything about MIA en Vamil

The most important questions about the MIA and Vamil are answered here.

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What are the MIA and Vamil?

The MIA and Vamil offer a discount on the costs made for sustainable investments. The ruling exists for tax paying entrepeneurs who want to make their business more sustainable.

Am I eligible for MIA And Vamil?

You have to be an entrepeneur and pay either income tax or corporate tax. You're eligible for subsidy if you check those boxes and invest in a new asset which is on the Dutch "Milieulijst".

Are you a supplier or developer of environmentally friendly en innovative technologies? Then you can get your product listed on the Milieulijst. The MIA and Vamil make it easier to bring your product to market, possibly resulting in higher sales.

What must I do for MIA and Vamil?

You have to invest in assets or technologies which are listed on the Milieulijst. You need to apply for subsidy within 3 months after signing the investment obligation.

What do I gain through MIA and Vamil?

MIA generally results in a net benefit of 11%. Vamil allows entrepeneurs to write off 75% of the investment costs at a moment of their choosing. Writing off investments in the year which they are made results in delaying having to pay corporate tax to a moment in the future. This way, Vamil realises a liquidity and interest benefit.

Aside from purchasing costs, MIA and Vamil also apply to production costs of the environmentally friendly technology. This includes for example labour costs, material costs and installation costs of the asset.

What assets are covered by MIA and Vamil?

The brochure "Milieulijst 2022" contains all environmentally friendly assets which are eligible for MIA and Vamil, each with their own specifications and conditions. These have been split into six categories: 

  • Raw materials and water use

  • Food supply and agricultural production

  • Mobility

  • Climate and air

  • USe of space

  • Built environment

How do we help you?

Are you a corporate user? Then we'll inventorize your investment and submit your application. We'll also look at other possible investments you can make in the future. Sometimes you might be unaware that your investment is sustainable and eligible for the MIA and Vamil!

Do you not make a profit currently, but will you do so within the next 6 years? Then we'll investigate whether you can settle the deduction in the future. We'll take care of the subsidy so you can keep your focus on innovating.

Are you a supplier of energy efficient assets? Then we'll help to get your sustainable solution on the list of subsidisable solutions.

Want to learn more?

Are you going to make a sustainable investment or did you recently do so? Get in touch to discover how much you can benefit from the MIA and Vamil.