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The Covid pandemic briefly brought some peace, but by now the Dutch road network is becoming more and more crowded. Many people commute again and more often choose to travel by car rather than public transport. Meanwhile, online purchases increase as well. This leads to more delivery vans on the road. However, the loading space of these vans is rarely utilized to its full potential.
Afbeelding met bestelbus, personen, aflevering van goederen, decoratief.

Loading space utilised

Since 2016, Brenger has been connecting hundreds of transports of large products with unused loading spaces of courier vans on a daily basis. Brenger's innovative technology creates the most efficient routes for transportation of large items. Thanks to this, a courier has more deliveries to make and drives fewer unnecessary kilometers. Furthermore, Brenger contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the Netherlands this way.

Surety loan MKB (BMKB)

Thanks to the BMKB, Brenger acquired a new corporate financing with Rabobank. This grants Brenger additional possibilities for growth, after their investment round in 2021. Cofounder Derk van der Have explains what this means for Brenger:

“Thanks to BMKB Brenger can take the next steps for upscaling our platform. The funding wil not only be used for further development of the technology behind the couriers platform. Since our successful launch in Germany, we hope to start in more European countries in the following months. This way, Brenger can have an even bigger contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions.”
Derk van der Have, cofounder at Brenger

Collaboration Brenger and Ugoo

Ugoo and Brenger have been working together in the field of financing and subsies since 2018. During the past few years, Brenger has grown from an innovative startup into a fast growing scaleup with new financing and subsidy challenges and opportunities. Ugoo support Brenger in this by exploring the opportunities together. This has so far resulted in two annual WBSO approvals, a SLIM application and a BMKB approval. But as far as we're concerned, it doesn't stop there. Ugoo continuously monitors the different subsidy programs and financing programs for new opportunities for Brenger. As cofounder Wisse Koedam described after the most recent approval: "Our collaboration with Ugoo has always gone well. We look forward to new applications!"

Brenger logo.

Carlijn Huijsmans Consultant Innovatie Ugoo WBSO Subsidie.


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