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Afbeelding van Jetze Bergsma, Mark van Duinen en Pieter Verhaeg.

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The Energie-investeringsaftrek (EIA) offers a tax benefit for entrepeneurs who invest in energy efficient technologies, CO2 reduction and sustainable energy.

"Energie-investeringsaftrek" means "energy investment deduction".

Why EIA?

You can deduct the investment costs of sustainable assets from your profits through the EIA. This lowers your fiscal profits and reduces the amount of corporate tax which you need to pay.


As a manager and consultant, I feel like a fish in water at our headquarters in Amsterdam. I apply my vast knowledge of technology, subsidies and taxation on a daily basis, to provide our clients with the financial means to innovate and grow their business. Helping our highly educated team members achieve success and stimulating them to get the most out of themselves is the icing on the cake for me. A passion for innovation, maximised results and a natural desire for efficiency are characteristics which describe me best.

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Afbeelding van Benny Douwenga, WBSO-consultant, subsidie, Innovatiebox.

Everything about the EIA

The most important questions about the EIA are answered here.

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What is the EIA?

The EIA offers a reduction in corporate taxes when you invest in sustainable technologies.

Am I eligible for the EIA?

You are eligible if your company is based in the Netherlands and you pay income tax or corporate tax. You can make use of the EIA when you invest in new assets which are on the Energylist.

What must I do for the EIA?

Both purchasing costs and production costs are eligible for the EIA subsidy. These could for example be labour costs, and material costs for production and installation, as well as expenses for technical services or existing assets. Furthermore, tailor-made investments which result in a vast energy savings are eligible. Lastly, it is beneficial to get your own sustainable products on the energy list. This can lower the investment threshold for potential customers, resulting in a more competitive product.

What do I gain through the EIA?

You can deduct up to 45,5% of the eligible investment costs from your fiscal profits. This lowers your corporate tax and generally leads to a net benefit of 11%.

Which energy efficient technologies are eligible for the EIA?

The brochure "Energielijst 2022" lists all sustainable technologies which are eligible. These are split in seven categories:

  • Company buildings

  • Processes

  • Means of transport

  • Sustainable energy

  • Energy balancing

  • Energy transition

  • Energy advice, tailor-made advice and CO2 emission reduction plans

How do we help you?

Are you a corporate user? Then we'll inventorize your investment and submit your application. We'll also look at other possible investments you can make in the future. Sometimes you might be unaware that your investment is sustainable and eligible for the EIA!

Do you not make a profit currently, but will you do so within the next 6 years? Then we'll investigate whether you can settle the deduction in the future. We'll take care of the subsidy so you can keep your focus on innovating.

Are you a supplier of energy efficient assets? Then we'll help to get your sustainable solution on the Energylist.

Want to learn more?

Are you going to make a sustainable investment or did you recently do so? Get in touch to discover how much you can benefit from the EIA.