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SJJ Solutions B.V. develops, produces and sells medical innovations, with the goal of making healthcare more efficient and reducing pharmaceutical waste.
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Zero Residual™ concept 2.0

One of the developments of SJJ Solutions is a syringe/needle combination specifically for intravitreal injections, or injections into the eye. Reduction of visual acuity and specifically wet Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) has a huge social impact; it leads to less participation in society and a greater demand for (specialist) care. Medication for this condition is expensive and preventing spillage can significantly reduce treatment costs.

Afbeelding van innovatieve injectienaald van SJJ Solutions, decoratief.
The Zero Residual™ 0.2mL Silicone Oil-free syringe

SJJ Solutions' Zero Residual™ concept 2.0 is specifically designed to inject small volume treatments with high accuracy and very low drug spillage. Through this development, the healthcare professional enjoys a higher accuracy of measuring and injecting, the patient an improved treatment experience due to minimal release of particles (including silicone oil) and the pharmacy the opportunity to save on medication costs.

With this innovation, SJJ Solutions B.V. reduce healthcare costs for intravitreal injections by at least 25%.

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The different products of SJJ Solutions

Kansen voor West III

SJJ Solutions has received a subsidy of approximately €150,000 from the European Fund for Regional Development through Kansen voor West, for the development of the Zero Residual™ concept 2.0.

“Thanks to this contribution from the ERDF fund, SJJ Solutions can contribute to sustainable, future-proof healthcare with an innovation that is already enjoying a great deal of interest from the market”
Jasper Schootstra, CEO SJJ Solutions

Collaboration with Ugoo

As an innovative startup with a major social contribution, Solutions is entitled to many subsidies. Since 2019, Ugoo has been a strategic partner of SJJ Solutions in the field of subsidy acquisition. This collaboration has led to an annual WBSO award, an MIT Feasibility and the EFRO Kansen voor West III subsidy.

Logo van SJJ Solutions

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This is Joost, Consultant Sustainability!

I am driven to make an impact and optimistic in my quest for a fairer and more sustainable society.

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