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MatchWornShirt operates in the midst of professional sports clubs, their charitable foundations and the fans. To the latter target group, the company offers an opportunity to become the owner of a unique and tangible memory by offering match-worn shirts through an online public auction.
Afbeelding van voetballers.

The MatchWornShirt team works directly with the world's largest football clubs to take care of the process from shirt collection, online live auctioning to logistics and financial settlement. The auction proceeds usually flow to the clubs' charitable foundations. They are helped to unlock and optimize new forms of fundraising. In this way, the power of sport can be used optimally to create a positive social impact.

The unique proposition for fan and club translates into the company's technology. The tech that MatchWornShirt requires for the automation of its processes is so self-contained that no ready-made or best-of-breed solution can be purchased. That is why it has been investing in its own software development since its foundation to create an international fan engagement platform.

A microservices-oriented approach

Clubs with which MatchWornShirt has set up partnerships have worldwide recognition and huge fan bases. The importance of developing software with a high quality standard, which is scalable and which adds maximum value for the club and its fans is therefore great. The technical background of the software has therefore been carefully considered.

In order to become the world's leading fan engagement platform, the development team has taken a microservices-oriented approach to support this ambition. In this setup, the code of various platform functionalities has been set up in standalone microservices. This enables scaling of specific parts of the platform, as well as switching to a backup microservice without interruption if a system failure occurs. The performance and availability of the platform can thus be fulfilled.

The Fan Engagement Platform

For the microservices network of the platform, technically innovative concepts are used that are currently gaining less traction within development communities than the concepts that are used for the development of monolithic systems. The final written code is therefore preceded by pioneering, consisting of searching for solutions and validating whether they work.

To overcome technical obstacles that it experiences in software development, Ugoo supports with an 'from A to Z process' in applying for the WBSO scheme. For a still young organization with ambitious growth ambitions, this scheme helps MatchWornShirt to reduce the costs for these high-risk development activities. This creates a flywheel effect to attract new technical personnel with the resources that are released in the budget to reinforce growth plans.

MatchWornShirt and Ugoo collaboration

Since 2020, Ugoo has been MatchWornShirt's strategic partner in the field of subsidy acquisition. In this collaboration, in addition to the WBSO, we successfully applied for the MIT Feasibility.

In addition to exploring possibilities and applying for subsidies, Ugoo also supports in setting up administrations and carrying out periodic checks to stay 'in control'.

Applying for grants is a joint effort. In the collaboration, we are responsible for directing and implementing the development. Ugoo offers a professional process: from scheduling timely interviews, to asking probing questions to collecting technical input and then coming back with a technically valid and effective application. The subsidy success that has been achieved so far proves that we form a strong team together.
Tijmen Zonderwijk, Founder

With the help of Ugoo, MatchWornShirt has regularly successfully applied for the WBSO scheme. The first application that was submitted even received a compliment from the subsidy provider!

Logo van MatchWornShirt, gedrukt op een voetbalshirt.
Foto van Peter Laurens van Keulen.


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