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Accsys Technologies is the developer and producer of sustainable wood products for the construction industry. With its own developed and very unique acetylation process, Accsys transforms coniferous wood, which is normally of limited use in the construction sector for outdoor applications, into a high-quality and outdoor-sustainable building product. As a result, Accsys directly contributes to the reduction of harmful (tropical) logging and the use of preserved wood (containing toxic substances).
Afbeelding van epische toepassing van Accsys Technologies, WBSO, decoratief.

Sustainable wood

Accsys' products are so sustainable because Accsys is able to modify fast-growing softwood in such a way that it exhibits hardwood properties through its acetylation process. Fast-growing coniferous wood is normally not as resistant to weathering and mould. As a result, it can only be used to a limited extent for outdoor applications within the construction sector. Chemically speaking, this is because coniferous wood contains a large amount of hydrophilic hydroxyl groups. As a result, the wood swells when it comes into contact with water and shrinks when it dries out. Besides the fact that this is not desirable for construction projects in outdoor applications, the wood often warps easily and is seen as a food source for fungi, bacteria and insects. Acetylating the hydroxyl groups makes the wood much less attractive to water, which also significantly reduces the chance of wood rot.

The Accsys products, Accoya (solid wood) and Tricoya (wood chips that are processed into MDF), therefore offer for the first time a sustainable softwood counterpart that has the same or even better properties than tropical hardwood.

Afbeelding van huis met Accoya hout, decoratief, WBSO.

Sustainable and innovative

Accsys Technologies is unique in its acetylation based softwood modification. Acetylation is a technique that has been researched since the early 20th century for wood modification. Accsys is the first producer worldwide to be able to control the process for large wood batches and thus make it commercially attractive.

In addition, the process is also sustainable and harmless to the environment. In the acetylation process, a chemical reaction is brought about by introducing acetic acid hydride into the product under high pressure. The resulting by-product (acetic acid) is then completely removed, collected and purified via distillation for reuse. As a result, Accoya wood is a low-carbon building solution that simultaneously prevents the depletion of finite resources and stores carbon throughout its life.

Afbeelding van houten balken en mensen met veiligheidshelmen, decoratief, WBSO.
Accoya® hout van Accsys Technologies

Collaboration Accsys Technologies and Ugoo

Since 2017, Ugoo has been the strategic partner of Accsys Technologies in the field of subsidy acquisition. Within this collaboration, we have developed a strong basis for the bi-annually recurring WBSO application, among other things. In addition, we are constantly discussing new developments and new innovative collaborations.

“Ugoo proactively thinks along with you about the subsidy possibilities for investments and R&D projects. This way we don't have to worry about missing subsidy opportunities and we can fully focus on innovation!"
Pablo Steenwinkel, Group Head of Technology at Accsys

In addition to exploring possibilities and applying for subsidies, Ugoo also supports the organization of the administration.

“On the one hand, Ugoo have the knowledge about what is required to set up our administration according to the rules, but on the other hand, they also think along with us about how we can implement this manageably in our own systems.”

For example, under the guidance of Ugoo, Accsys Technologies passed an administrative audit by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) with flying colors last year.

Duurzaam houten huis in de duinen, WBSO, decoratief.
House in the dunes with a roof of Accoya® wood
Logo van Accsys Technologies

Foto van Dirk Wolterink, Consultant Innovatie.


With my background and enthusiasm in the field of innovation and business models, I am able to understand the innovative activities of my clients and identify subsidy opportunities.

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