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Second Opinion aanvragen

Beantwoord de 3 vragen zodat we de beste consultant aan je kunnen toewijzen!

Second Opinion

Dissatisfied with your current subsidy process? Did you receive a letter of inquiry? Or do you use an intermediary, but do you feel that you have to do a lot yourself or that you are not getting everything out of it? Make use of our second opinion service and discover the improvement potential. Completely free of charge and without obligation!

You take advantage of all subsidy opportunities. Right?

Your subsidy process is currently running smoothly. At least, that's what you assume. But are you also 100% sure that you will get everything out of it, without constantly having to monitor everything yourself? We are happy to find that out for you.

With our second opinion service, we discover your possible improvement potential together. Completely free of charge and without obligation.


As a senior consultant, I specialize in collecting subsidies (especially WBSO) for software development. I do this for some of the largest fintech and EV mobility companies in the Netherlands. My role in this is to identify and record the common threads of the many R&D projects.

In addition, I am also involved in change processes to streamline the subsidy strategy. Consider, for example, M&A strategies with regard to WBSO and Innovation Box processes, or the transition to a listed organization.

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Why a second opinion?

A subsidy process entails all kinds of obligations. In practice it often turns out that these are not entirely clear, so that people do not really know what they are doing. At WBSO, for example, the focus is often on requesting hours, but not on keeping records. In addition, too little attention is often paid to setting up and organizing the process, which means that compliance conditions are not met. This can lead to receiving a questionnaire and ultimately a reduced subsidy yield.

During our second opinion, we will talk to you about the activities that are eligible for subsidy. We go through your project and see how the administration is kept. Finally, we make a potential calculation, so that we can see together whether things can be improved.

An appointment takes place with two Ugoo consultants. During the interview we analyze your current:

  • Subsidy trajectories: which trajectories are there?

  • Administration: does this still meet all requirements?

  • Business activities:¬†where are (untapped) subsidy opportunities?

This can be at regional, national and international level. This way you know where your company stands in 2023 and the coming years.

Maximum efficiency

In 4 out of 5 cases, switching leads to a significantly higher subsidy commitment. With our second opinion service we make an inventory of the concrete benefits for your company. It starts with a phone call. Apart from a few minutes, this costs nothing.

Why Ugoo?

We offer complete support and are a proactive partner that closely monitors the subsidy landscape. We use a method that generates significantly more revenue. This approach leads to maximum and long-term utilization of all relevant subsidy opportunities.