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Pieter Verhaegh - specialist in WBSO, Innovatiebox, Kredieten en leningen.

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Rabo Innovatielening

The Rabo Innovatielening ("Rabo Innovation loan, RIL) is a subordinated loan, meant for innovative companies (such as startups) who are in the crucial early life stage. The loan can amount to €150.000.

Why Rabo Innovatielening?

The RIL is provided to innovative companies who are not eligible for a bank loan or lease, because they to not yet have any revenue and proven results. This way you can get the required financing for your innovative project.

Everything about Rabo-Innovatielening

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What is the Rabo Innovatielening?

The Rabobank provides the RIL to innovative companies who are not eligible for a bank loan or lease, due to not yet having any revenue and proven results. It is a subordinated loan. This means that when you have financial problems after taking the loan, the Rabobank is the last creditor which you'll need to pay back.

Am I eligible for the Rabo Innovatielening?

You're eligible when the following requirements are met:

  • You're a private company in the early life phase.

  • You have a realistic project plan.

  • You develop a product or service with a high level of innovation.

  • You have the persuasiveness to expand your own team with people or institutions who have the desired skills and competences.

What must I do for the Rabo Innovatielening?

You conduct developmental activities in the field of sustainability, digitization or vitality. The Rabobank finances preparation and startup activities. Examples are physical product development, first prototypes, market research and investigation of potential partners and distributors.

What do I gain through the Rabo Innovatielening?

The loan ranges from €25.000 up to €150.000, depending on the size of the defined budget. The duration of the loan is 7 years and has a fixed annual interest rate of 7,5%.

How do we help you?

Our expertise in the field of sustainability, technology and the MIT subsidy allows us to optimally understand innovations and translate these into a successful application. We take the application process out of your hands and write an excellent business case for the RVO. Meanwhile, you can focus on innovating.

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