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Ugoo consultants in overleg over WBSO en Kansen voor West subsidie.

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The MIT arrangement helps SMEs by funding innovations that align with the Knowledge and Innovation Agendas (KIAs) of the Top Sectors.

Why MIT subsidy?

SMEs can benefit from the Top Sector policy through the MIT arrangement. The arrangement offers subsidy for (cross-regional) R&D projects.


With a broad interest in innovations and economics, I serve a client portfolio ranging from IT development to physical product development for both startups and SMEs. This enables me to continuously broaden my knowledge in the tax and technical field and to support organizations with technical innovation projects.

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Everything about MIT

The most important questions about MIT are answered here.

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What is MIT subsidy?

MIT offers subsidies for entrepeneurs who innovate withing the KIAs. It stimulates development of sustainable and/or technological innovations. The arrangement contains multiple instruments for different types of projects.

Am I eligible for MIT?

You're eligible when you're an SME and innovate within one of the KIAs:

  1. Energy transition and sustainability

  2. Agriculture, water and food

  3. Healthcare

  4. Safety

  5. Key technologies

What must I do for MIT?

You conduct a feasibility project, with the intent to map the economical and technological risks of an intended trajectory. The focus lies on feasibility studies. However, industrial research and experimental development are options as well.

You can also execute an R&D collaboration project. Here you collaboratively develop or renew a product, process or service.

What do I gain through MIT?

The benefits vary per instrument. Feasibility studies get 40% of the eligible costs reimbursed, with a maximum amount of €20.000. Feasibility study projects are judged through a first-come first-serve principle. Early applications have higher chances of allotment.

R&D collaboration projects get 35% of the eligible costs reimbursed. This includes labour costs. The maximum subsidy amount is €200.000 per project, of which €100.000 per participant.

How do we help you?

Our expertise in the field of sustainability, technology and the MIT subsidy allows us to optimally understand innovations and translate these into a successful application. We take the application process out of your hands and write an excellent business case for the RVO. Meanwhile, you can focus on innovating.

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