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Hannah Kistemaker schrijft innovatie en duurzaamheidssubsidies.

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The ISDE grants subsidy for making business premises more sustainable. You can get a reimbursement when you for example invest in solar water heaters, connection to a heat network, a heat pump, small wind turbines or solar panels.


ISDE aims to make investing in sustainable heat more attractive. Through this subsidy, such sustainable investments become as affordable as assets that are less energy efficient.

Do you invest in sustainable solutions, but is the ISDE not the right fit? Take a look at the EIA en SDE++ instead.


I am driven to make an impact and optimistic in my quest for a fairer and more sustainable society. It is my ambition to contribute to the transition to a low-carbon economy and as a sustainability & innovation consultant I can give substance to this by advising innovative projects in the field of (renewable) energy, CO2 reduction and circularity on subsidy options.

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Everything about ISDE

The most asked questions about ISDE are answered here.

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What is the ISDE?

The "Investment subsidy Sustainable Energy and Energy Saving" is a subsidy for entrepeneurs who wish to make their building more sustainable.

Am I eligible for ISDE?

The ISDE is interesting for all businesses. This ranges from corporate users such as companies to housing associations and governments. You apply for subsidy before you sign the purchasing agreement for the sustainable investment. You cannot apply after the fact.

What must I do for ISDE?

Are you an installation or construction company? Then you can get your sustainable solution on the list of subsidisable means.

Corporate users can apply for subsidy when they invest in a sustainable solution for a (business) premises.

What do I gain through ISDE?

The benefits depend on the nature of the investment and the specific measures taken for making your premises more sustainable.

How do we help you?

Are you a corporate user? Then we'll inventorize your project and write the application. Are you an instalation or construction company? Then we'll help you to get your sustainable innovation on the list of subsidisable solutions.

Want to learn more?

Do you have an eligible project for the ISDE? Or do you want advice or help with your application?