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Ugoo consultants in overleg over WBSO en Kansen voor West subsidie.

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INTERREGĀ is a European subsidy program which stimulates partnerships between European member states. The goal is to collaboratively develop innovative solutions for cross-border issues. The program runs until 2027.


INTERREG consists of multiple programs aimed at international collaboration. These programs concern the themes of climate adaptation, water management, renewable energy, healthcare and circular economy.


I see myself as a partner to my clients, and it is my long-term goal to help them obtain subsidies and other forms of financing so that they can fully focus on their R&D and technological innovation projects.

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Everything about INTERREG

The most asked questions about INTERREG are answered here.

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INTERREG is a European subidy program for international collaboration projects. It consists of multiple programs which aim to find innovative solutions to European societal challenges in the fields of economy and sustainability.

The programs vary per country and expertise of the applicant. The contents of each program largely match with the European Green Deal.

Am I eligible for INTERREG?

The target groups of INTERREG are businesses, knowledge institutions, development companies, governments and non-profit institutions.

What must I do for INTERREG?

You have to colaborate with at least one European partner on a socially relevant project which matches one of the calls for proposal.

What do I gain through INTERREG?

Each of the programs of INTERREG has their own budget and requirements. It is a complex ruling with calls for different themes. It varies per program and theme how much of the expenses are reimbursed. However, three things are certain:

  • Businesses, institutions and organizations are eligible for subsidy of which the amount is determined regionally.

  • The susbidy allows your organization to strengthen its international position

  • Organizations and businesses contribute to a healthier, safer or more sustainable Europe.

How do we help you?

We analyse your project, investigate and match further funding opportunities and write the application. Our expertise in the field of sustainable and technological innovations and the INTERREG subsidy allows us to translate the most complex projects into a successful application. We take care of the subsidy, so you can focus on innovating.

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