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Hannah Kistemaker schrijft innovatie en duurzaamheidssubsidies.

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The European Fund for Regional Development has created a new subsidy program for the East-Netherlands. It runs from 2021 up until 2027 and stimulates market oriented developments for a smarter and greener Europe.

Why EFRO Oost?

EFRO Oost subsidizes sustainable and technological innovations in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. The program has various calls for proposals for which entrepeneurs can apply. entrepeneurs can innovate more economical this way and contribute to the regional competitiveness and employment opportunities.


"Big steps toward a small footprint" is my motto. I occupy myself with sustainable development in the broadest sense: how we can innovate, add value and contribute to societal transitions, in line with our climate goals. My technical background allows me to make technological issues my own and motivates me to help realize ambitious sustainability plans.

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Alles over EFRO Oost

The most asked questions about EFRO Oost are answered here.

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What is EFRO Oost?

EFRO Oost is a European subsidy program for the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel. The program has two goals concerning job opportunities and economy.

Goal 1: a smarter East-Netherlands, through promotion of a innovative and smart economical transformation.

Goal 2: a greener East-Netherlands, through innovation, demonstration and acceptance of smart solutions for the energy transition.

There are two action lines within these two goals:

Line 1: collaborations between SMEs, large companies and/or knowledge institutions

Line 2: (shared) test and demonstration facilities.

Am I eligible for EFRO Oost?

Collaboration should happen primarily within Gelderland and Overijssel, but partners from outside of these provinces is allowed when this will strengthen the regional economy in the East-Netherlands. You're eligible when your project fits within one of the crossovers listed below and matches with a call for proposal.

Manufacturing & MaterialTech

Innovations within this crossover concern:

  • Smart Industry and Industry 4.0

  • New, sustainable and advanced materials

  • Nanotechnology en photonics

Prevention & Medtech

This entails innovation in the following fields:

  • Prevention innovation

  • MedTech and Connected Health

  • Personalised Health & Nutrition

Sustainability & Foodtech

The focus within these crossovers lies on:

  • Protein transition and food technology

  • Circular and nature-inclusive farming

  • Agri-tech/Smart farming.

What must I do for EFRO Oost?

EFRO Oost has a first-come first-serve prodedure. Therefore, it's important to apply in time. Future openings might have a different procedure, such as a tender.

Projects are judged by the following criteria:

  • Contribution to the goals of EFRO Oost

  • Innovation

  • Economic and financial perspective

  • The quality of the application

  • The degree of sustainable development and societal impact

What do I gain through EFRO Oost?

A maximum of 40& of the project costs is reimbursed. For SMEs it's 50%. The minimum subsidy amount is €350.000 and the maximum is €750.000.

How do we help you?

We analyse your project, investigate and match further funding opportunities and write the application. Our expertise in the field of sustainable and technological innovations and the EFRO Oost subsidy allows us to translate the most complex projects into a successful application. We take care of the subsidy, so you can focus on innovating.

Want to learn more?

Do you have a project which matches a call for proposal? Do you want advice or help with your application? Feel free to contact us below.