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Ugoo consultants in overleg over WBSO en Kansen voor West subsidie.

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Kansen voor West

Kansen voor West is a European subsidy program for the west of the Netherlands. It aims to boost the economy of the provinces North- and South-Holland, Utrecht, Flevoland and their four largest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht.

Why Kansen voor West?

EFRO invests in the future of The Netherlands through Kansen voor West. The program has three policy goals for a smarter, greener and more promising Europe. These goals concern innovation, climate and "Europe closer to its citizens".


Met mijn achtergrond in Medical Engineering en ervaring met programmeren, ben ik gespecialiseerd in subsidies die gericht zijn op technologische innovatie. Naast innovatie, heb ik mij gespecialiseerd in alle subsidies gerelateerd aan duurzaamheid. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan de meest vernieuwende ontwikkelingen op het gebied circulariteit, maar ook aan simpelere ingrepen zoals het installeren van LED-verlichting. Naast de inhoudelijke kennis die ik heb opgedaan, ben ik hoog over betrokken bij de procesvoering en procesverbetering als het gaat om alle subsidieregelingen in het kader van innovatie, duurzaamheid, HR en kredieten.

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Everything about Kansen voor West

The most important questions regarding Kansen voor West are answered here.

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What is Kansen voor West?

Kansen voor West is a subsidy program from EFRO, aimed at sustainable innovation in the west of the Netherlands. It offers funding for projectys in the provinces North- and South-Holland, Utrecht, Flevoland and their four largest cities: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht.

Its focus lies on transitioning towards a fully circular en climate neutral economy and on innovation. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions by at least 55% in 2030 and 50% less use of minerals, metals and fossil fuels.

Am I eligible for Kansen voor West?

The program is aimed primarily at collaborations, but innovation projects by a sole SME are also allowed. The evaluation of applications differs per call for proposal. For example, there is a tender for the development of fieldlabs in South Holland and a call with a first-come first-serve policy for the stimulation of energy efficiency in Amsterdam.

What must I do for Kansen voor West?

Kansen voor West has two openings anually, up until 2026, in which calls for proposals are launched. These will generally be in April and October every year. Projects need to finish in 2029 because the program ends that year. Your projects needs to match a call for proposal. The terms may vary per call.

Further development of innovation projects is eligible for subsidy. You can apply if you have already started development of your project.

What do I gain through Kansen voor West?

Kansen voor West has a budget of €237 million for 2022 up until 2029. All project expenses are eligible, such as hours, material costs and costs to third parties. Usually about 40% of the eligible costs atre reimbursed. Furthermore, provincial cofinancing is possible.

The minimum demand for project costs usually is €200.000. Both the minimum and maximum subsidy amount vary per call for proposal.

What project themes are covered by Kansen voor West?


For innovation the themes of the RIS3 apply. The most important ones we can help with are the following:

  • Cyber Security

  • Smart Health

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)


  • Strengthening of the research and innovation capacity and introduction of advanced technologies

  • Advancement of energy efficiency measures and CO₂ reduction.

  • Renewable energy

  • Development of smart energy systems, grids and storage

  • Promotion of the transition towards a circular economy

Europe closer to its citizens:

Promotion of integrated social, eeconomical and sustainable development, cultural heritage, tourism and safety in urban areas and sustainable urban development.

How do we help you?

We analyse your project, investigate and match further funding opportunities and write the application. Our expertise in the field of sustainable and technological innovations and the Kansen voor West subsidy allows us to translate the most complex projects into a successful application. We take care of the subsidy, so you can focus on innovating.

Want to learn more?

Do you have a project which matches a call for proposal? Do you want advice or help with your application? Feel free to contact us below.