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Digital Europe

We rely on digital technologies in Europe. We use them to communicate, to work and to investigate the current climate problems. They are crucial for answering important issues and for elevating European society to a higher level. The Digital Europe program was set up to realise this.

Why Digital Europe?

Digital Europe forms a supplement to other available European programs, such as Horizon Europe for research and innovation.

The idea is to strive for more competitive jobs, a healthier Europe and better public services, all through digital technologies.


I see myself as a partner to my clients, and it is my long-term goal to help them obtain subsidies and other forms of financing so that they can fully focus on their R&D and technological innovation projects.

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Everything about Digital Europe

The most important questions about Digital Europe are answered here.

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What is Digital Europe?

Digital Europe is a subsidy program for the accelleration of economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic. The digital transformation of European society and economy can be shaped more easily through this program.

Am I eligible for Digital Europe?

All types of businesses are eligible, but the program focuses on SMEs.

What must I do for Digital Europe?

Digital Europe funds projects within five fields:

  1. Supercomputing

  2. Artificial intelligence

  3. Cybersecurity

  4. Advanced digital skills

  5. Wider use of digital technologies in society and the economy

You can only apply for subsidy when your project matches a specific call for proposal of the Digital Europe program.

What do I gain through Digital Europe?

A budget of €7,5 billion was made for 2021 up until 2027. The subsidy amount relies on the call and whether you collaborate with others or not. For example, Cloud-to-Edge based projects get reimbursed up to a maximum of 50%, with a maximal reimbursement of €200.000 for one company. The maximum amount for a collaboration is €600.000.

There is no maximum amount for digital European innovation hubs, but the maximal reimbursement for eligible costs is 40%.

How wo we help you?

Do you have a project which matches a call from Digital Europe? We'll write your application. Our expertise in IT and the Digital Europe subsidy allows us to optimally translate your project into a successful application. This way you can focus on development whilst we take care of all subsidy related matters.

Want to learn more?

Do you have an eligible project? Or do you want advice or help with your application? Get in touch!