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Financing your innovation

As an ambitious company, you make the difference by being technologically innovative. However, it may happen that you cannot continue your innovation plans because there is insufficient capital available. What now? In this blog we list a number of financing options for you.

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In the flow

It starts with a groundbreaking idea and before you know it your team is testing the technical and economic feasibility. In the meantime, quickly capture the idea for a patent. After the successful tests, you toast to the experimental proof of the concept. The PoC is developed into a prototype and validated in a demonstration environment. A few steps later, your idea is technically and commercially ready: ready for market introduction. Cheers! You have proven a groundbreaking idea with an excellent business perspective. Get started quickly now: scale up production, buy supplies, set up large-scale marketing and create launching customers.

Ugoo to the rescue

There is only one constant in the above development flow: there is no turnover yet. It is possible that you have insufficient financial resources at your disposal and that you are forced to adjust your ambitions before you can bring your idea to market. We naturally find that undesirable. Ugoo therefore helps, in addition to subsidies, to arrange financing for your innovation plans. Take us with you from the first step in the development process and we guide you through the financing options during each phase. This may involve bank financing, innovation loans, early phase financing, fintechs, introduction to an investor or development company, the Rabo Innovation Loan or a combination of these. Thanks to our broad financing network and knowledge of technological development, we can make it happen!

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Financing options

The financing instruments that we examine are:

  • Banking: request financing from your desired bank. The chance of success is greatest when your company already has a track record in combination with the fact that the innovation project is in a (further) growth phase. Banks can use a wide range of facilities. In addition to credits, factoring, leasing and subordinated loans, there are surety credits such as BMKB. Did you know that your WBSO subsidy increases this BMKB advantage?

  • Innovation Credit (IK): a risk-bearing loan that supports startups and SMEs in innovation projects with a convincing business perspective. The Innovation Credit makes it possible to bring your prototype to market introduction.

  • Early stage financing (VFF): a risk-bearing loan that supports startups and SMEs in the development of a concept idea. The VFF makes it possible to further develop your idea into a first prototype.

  • Fintechs: Interesting financing platforms have emerged in recent decades, such as crowdfunding and end-to-end cash flow tools. Ugoo investigates whether your plan and needs are in line with this.

  • Investors: Ugoo has access to a large investor network. In addition to capital, they contribute specific industry knowledge and experience.

  • Rabo Innovation Loan (RIL): This is a subordinated loan for start-ups in the early phase, among others. This means that there is not yet any turnover and proven results, so that no bank loans or lease can be claimed.

We help your financing succeed

Financing can be an obstacle for companies with ambitious innovation plans, but several financing options are available. It is important to choose the right option based on the specific needs of the project. We can help you find the right financing solution and draw up a business plan. Through our broad financing network and knowledge of technological development, we help to realize innovation plans and increase the chance of success.

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