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BMKB is a surety credit for companies who require a loan, but cannot provide enough assurance to the financing party.


The government becomes a partial guarantor for your loan through BMKB. The advantages are even bigger when you receive funding through WBSO. BMKB increases your collateral, and with it, the financeability of your business.

Everything about BMKB

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What is BMKB?

BMKB is a loan in which the government becomes a partial guarantor, for when you cannot offer sufficient collateral to your bank. It is a bank credit with favorable terms.

Am I eligible for BMKB?

Dutch SMEs with a maximum of 250 fulltime employees and a maximum annual revenue of €50 million are eligible. Is your company less than 3 years old? Then you're considered a starter and you can get even more support through BMKB. The posibilities are even more yielding when you receive WBSO.

What do I gain through BMKB?

The government becomes a guarantor for 60% of the loan when you receive WBSO, up to a maximum sum of €1,5 million. The remaining 40% is financed by the bank. The maximum duration is 12 years.

What must I do for BMKB?

Do you currently receive WBSO and do you want to make use of BMKB? Let us guide you through the process, consult the financial documents and negotiate with your bank. We will analyze your WBSO trajectory and include this in our netotiations. This way we will convince them to finance you through BMKB.

How do we help you?

We guide the process, provide critical reviews of your financial situation and negotiate with the back to acquire the desired financing. Your bank will then take care that the BMKB scheme is applied to your loan. You'll make the agreements on satisfying payment obligations with the bank yourself.

Want to learn more?

Do you wish to know whether you're eligible for BMKB, do you require advice or help? Contact us with no strings attached!