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Timo, Managing Director!

Freedom, entrepeneurship and successes give me energy.

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I have been getting a lot of energy from my work at Ugoo since 2017. This is due to the cool projects that we experience up close; from the development of a new 3D printer to the most advanced AI models for self-driving cars. I also really like the advisory role we have. We advise our clients and translate complex material into a clear story.


Within our versatile team, I specialize in applying for various innovation and sustainability subsidies. Companies often no longer see the forest for the trees in terms of subsidies. In such cases I like to list all the opportunities, create support among all parties involved and achieve the maximum result together. It may sound crazy, but I even enjoy arranging the administration together.


Freedom, responsibility and entrepreneurship are important values for me. As a Managing Director, I am responsible for the growth of our customer base, where I believe that we grow mainly by maintaining the high quality of our services. With a healthy critical and result-oriented attitude, I work hard for this every day.

From Utrecht I commute between our two offices in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. I like that variety. In my spare time I am an avid (at least I try to) runner who likes to participate in a marathon. I hope to have a Six Star Medal in my hands before I turn 40 – so I still have some time left!

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About Ugoo

Ugoo is a renowned consultancy firm in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. We help to realize innovative and sustainable projects. Enthusiastic young people work for us, who are involved with each other and their customers. We work for appealing innovative companies that want to renew themselves and their industry. We offer freedom of action and the confidence to make your own choices. We are result-oriented, ambitious and professional and celebrate every success. We creatively seek opportunities and solutions. We have an open and direct culture, in which every opinion counts. We're proud at our company and the value we offer.

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