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Dirk Wolterink en Bas van den Berk - WBSO, Innovatiebox, DEI+, EFRO, Eindhoven.

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Eurostars helps Europese businesses to collaboratively conduct market-oriented research- or development projects. Companies that conduct applied research or ecperimental development can get up to 50% of their project costs reimbursed.

Why Eurostars?

Eurostars stimulates international collaborating entrepeneurs in the high tech research and development sector. Projects can get subsidized of they are innovative on an international level and will be introduced to the market within 2 years. The goal is to facilitate faster growth and development.


I see myself as a partner to my clients, and it is my long-term goal to help them obtain subsidies and other forms of financing so that they can fully focus on their R&D and technological innovation projects.

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Everything about Eurostars

The most important questions about Eurostars are answered here.

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What is Eurostars?

Eurostars is a European subsidy program which stimulates international collaborations between innovative SMEs.

Am I eligible for Eurostars?

A collaboration between at least two Eurostars countries is required. The collaboration may contain large companies, as long as the majority is formed by SMEs. Furthermore, research institutions and knowledge institution may be involved. The collaborating parties have to complement each other with regards to technological expertise.

The project leader who applies for subsidy has to be a Dutch SME.

What must I do for Eurostars?

A Eurostars application has two phaes.

First, a project proposal must be submitted to the Eurostars secretariat. Proposals are assesed by project planning, the quality of the consortium, the market, commercialisation, innovation and R&D.

The second phase concerns the application in your own country.

What do I gain through Eurostars?

Eurostars reimburses between 25% and 50% of the project costs, with a maximum of €500.000 for all Dutch project partners combined. The percentage depends on the type of organization and the nature of the activities.

What are the Eurostars countries?

All EU countries, as well as Canada, Iceland, Israel, Norway, Turkey, the United Kingdom, South Africa, South Korea and Switzerland.

Sweden currently has no budget for the next call for proposal. Therefore, Swedish project partners aren't eligible for subsidy.

How do we help you?

The scheme is closed at the moment. The next opening is January 6th in 2023 and closes again on the 9th of March in 2023. We can inventorize your project and write your application in advance, and submit it as soon as possible on the day of the next opening.

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