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Max, Innovation Consultant!

As an Innovation Consultant, I mainly focus on innovation subsidies in the IT sector.

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With an academic background in Innovation Sciences and my experience gained at Ugoo, I have the right knowledge needed to discuss R&D developments, explore business and subsidy opportunities and capitalize on them. This has led to a diverse and satisfied network of (IT) companies that I have been happy to help on their way to subsidy success in the past period.


As an Innovation Consultant, I mainly focus on innovation subsidies in the IT sector. During my studies I gained programming experience and had a focus on Digital Business. This practical experience and specialization ensures that I can switch between business and IT. Because innovation subsidies in the field of IT are just a different branch of sport.


I work as a Consultant Innovation in Amsterdam. I see myself as a broadly interested person who is always open to a substantive (and occasionally a less substantive) conversation, in which I enter into a dialogue and do not lose sight of the point of view of my interlocutor.

In my spare time I am busy with films and documentaries, I like to hit a ball on the squash court or take a boxing lesson. I also like to read about history, science, you name it!

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