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Joran, Advisor!

As a person I have a broad interest and I am very task-oriented, which means that I am often busy with many things at the same time.

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Joran Dikken Consultant Innovatie WBSO Ugoo.


As one of the two founders of Ugoo, I've witnessed our company evolve from a small startup to a medium-sized professional service provider and a leading company in our industry. That's something I'm immensely proud of. Following the sale of Ugoo to the former management team, I've remained tangentially involved as sparring partner for the new owners.

Personally, I have broad interests and am very task-oriented, often juggling multiple things at once. I'm also a tad impatient, which tends to drive quick progress. Thankfully, I'm occasionally slowed down by those around me who are more contemplative.


My broad interest also results in a full and versatile private agenda. As a father of three sons, I can be found on the weekends at hockey and football. I also love sailing and music. I am a real team player when it comes to sports. For example, I am a hockey goalkeeper and I play basketball every weekend. Last but not least, I am also a trumpet player in a professional cover band. Because of these personal interests, I move in various circles that provide me with an enormous network and help me to switch easily in different settings and with different personalities.

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About Ugoo

Ugoo is a renowned consultancy firm in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. We help to realize innovative and sustainable projects. Enthusiastic young people work for us, who are involved with each other and their customers. We work for appealing innovative companies that want to renew themselves and their industry. We offer freedom of action and the confidence to make your own choices. We are result-oriented, ambitious and professional and celebrate every success. We creatively seek opportunities and solutions. We have an open and direct culture, in which every opinion counts. We're proud at our company and the value we offer.

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