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Opening SDE++ 2023

The SDE++ is the Dutch government's main scheme to support sustainable energy projects. If the entire budget of €8 billion is used, an expected 4 megatons of CO2 reduction will be achieved by 2030. The scheme opens on June 6, 2023.

Afbeelding met duurzame technologie voor de SDE++ subsidie, windmolens, gras, wolken, buiten, decoratief.

Changes for 2023

The SDE++ is open this year for the same categories as last year, including solar, wind, geothermal and aquathermal energy, electric boilers, hydrogen, and CCS. This year, the air-to-water heat pump, which uses heat from the outside air to heat water, is added for the first time for companies and organizations.

New for this year is the introduction of "fences" in the SDE++. These fences reserve a minimum amount for a specific category. This allows techniques that are less cost-effective in the short term but necessary for the energy transition to be more frequently considered. There are three categories of fences:

  • Low-temperature heat (such as solar and aquathermal energy)

  • High-temperature heat (such as ultra-deep geothermal energy and electric boilers)

  • Molecules (such as green gas and renewable fuels).

A budget of €750 million has been reserved for each of the three categories. Within the fences, the most cost-effective projects are given priority.

With the introduction of fences, the ceiling for renewable electricity and CCS is removed. The ceiling for renewable electricity is removed from the SDE subsidy, allowing the production of solar and wind energy to continue to grow with the demand for sustainable electricity.

Application periods

The SDE++ works with opening rounds, in which techniques that require less subsidy to avoid a ton of CO2 are considered earlier. The opening rounds in 2023 are as follows:

Phase Subsidiy amount Application period
1 €90 per ton of CO2-reduction 6 June until 12 June
2 €180 per ton of CO2-reduction 12 June until 19 June
3 €240 per ton of CO2-reduction 19 June until 26 June
4 €300 per ton of CO2-reduction 26 June until 3 July
5 €400 per ton of CO2-reduction 3 July until 6 July
Openings for the SDE++ in 2023


Do you have a project that produces renewable energy or are you developing a technique that leads to less CO2 emissions? Have your project assessed by us to see if you meet all the requirements. If it matches, we will take care of the application process for a maximum subsidy return.

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