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Subsidy opportunities for your staff

There are subsidy schemes for professional development and training of internal staff, for example by setting up e-learning platforms or a business school. This is an element that many different types of companies can face, whether they are developing software, products or services. Does this also apply to your company?

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The two personnel schemes we work with are the SLIM scheme and the 'Practical Learning' scheme. The characteristics, similarities and differences between these schemes are listed below.

SLIM subsidy

The SLIM scheme is committed to learning and development within SMEs. This can also involve collaborations between different SMEs with the aim of developing lifelong in the SME sector. An example is seeking cooperation within collectives and trade associations. With this subsidy, you as an entrepreneur can benefit from reduced costs for setting up a positive learning culture and an instructive working environment. This can lead to more job satisfaction throughout the career of internal employees. An example is training employees to become coaches, so that they can train other employees. Or, for example, introducing an E-learning platform. The SLIM scheme applies to the company's own staff.

A maximum of €25,000 applies to the SLIM scheme for entrepreneurs in the SME sector. For partnerships between at least 2 SMEs, this can yield up to €500,000. Do you want to apply for this scheme? For SMEs, the scheme opens twice a year, namely on 1 March and 1 September. For SME collaborations, this is a one-off on 1 June.


"Practical learning" is a scheme intended for the supervision costs incurred by an employer when creating practical and work-study places. For example, entrepreneurs can get money back if they have given students work experience during a VMBO, MBO, dual HBO or PhD trajectory. Ideal for internships. Practical learning is therefore exclusively aimed at training external parties.

Use of this scheme yields a maximum of €2,700 per realized practical or work placement. Do you want to apply for this scheme? This is possible between June and September.


Our team can help you set up the application for either of these schemes. We unburden you during the entire process from intake to checks and notifications. If you are planning to apply or if you want to prepare for an application, please let us know.

Do you have a project that might qualify, do you want to know more or do you have any questions?