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Wouter, Consultant Innovatie!

I consider myself to be someone who knows what he wants and is not easily shaken. I like to help others and always try to achieve the best end result.

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My interdisciplinary background provides me with the versatile technical know-how that I need in my role as a consultant. In addition, I am always looking for what drives people, hence my scientific specialization in cognitive neuroscience and previous experiences as a market researcher. I have always had an interest in technology and I developed this further during my time at Ugoo. As a result, I now have extensive knowledge of a palette of all kinds of techniques that I know how to abstract into successful subsidy projects. My focus here is mainly on software development, across a wide range of industries, with the focal points: fintech, EV mobility, gaming and quant trading.


As a senior consultant, I specialize in collecting subsidies (especially WBSO) for software development. I do this for some of the largest fintech and EV mobility companies in the Netherlands. My role in this is to identify and record the common threads of the many R&D projects.

In addition, I am also involved in change processes to streamline the subsidy strategy. Consider, for example, M&A strategies with regard to WBSO and Innovation Box processes, or the transition to a listed organization.


I was born in Amsterdam, but also lived in Australia for a while as a child. From the age of 16 I started in the hospitality industry as a side job next to my school and later studies. From this moment I have been active in the Amsterdam nightlife for about ten years, so there is a chance that we have seen each other before in a different environment.

In terms of hobbies, I am very fond of sports, especially football and strength training. I also like tennis and boxing. Where I used to spend a lot of time behind the bar, I still enjoy standing in front of the bar. Although I have to say it's shifting more and more to dining instead of bar hanging, but they say that comes with the age.

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