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Maurice, Innovation Consultant!

My drive to learn something new every day and a passion for innovation and technology characterize me.

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drive to learn something new every day and a passion for innovation and technology characterize me. With a solid academic background in Business Administration, specializing in innovation and digitalization, I embarked on my professional journey in the banking sector. However, my passion for technology and sustainability quickly led me to Ugoo, where I started as an innovation consultant.


My natural affinity for both IT and business helps me, as an innovation consultant, bridge the gap between these two worlds. A passion for technology and innovation continually drives me to push boundaries and seek innovative solutions alongside the client. As an innovation expert, I am constantly exploring ways to guide organizations through innovation challenges and maximize their potential. My expertise encompasses a wide range of areas, including digital transformation, seamless integration of business and IT, and exploring the latest technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence.


In addition to working in Amsterdam, I consider this city my home. Outside office hours, you'll most likely find me in the gym, where I both physically exhaust myself and mentally recharge . Alternatively, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. However, I am just as content being at home on the couch with a book, an engaging film or a good game.

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About Ugoo

Ugoo is a renowned consultancy firm in Amsterdam and Eindhoven. We help to realize innovative and sustainable projects. Enthusiastic young people work for us, who are involved with each other and their customers. We work for appealing innovative companies that want to renew themselves and their industry. We offer freedom of action and the confidence to make your own choices. We are result-oriented, ambitious and professional and celebrate every success. We creatively seek opportunities and solutions. We have an open and direct culture, in which every opinion counts. We're proud at our company and the value we offer.

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